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Terms and Conditions

This disclaimer must be taken as the first set of "rules" and as "legal acceptances" for the bittorrent service (the "Service") offered by The Conspiracy Hub.

The Conspiracy Hub offers a transport services to the Users that visit this portal. The portal can be reached at by a Users derived Internet connected computer.

The "Transport Service" allows the User to access bittorrent metafiles and or other non bittorrent resources, in a open and possibly anonymous form. (for information about bittorrent protocol specifications and programs required to use it, please research Wikipedia).

The "Transport Service" is a means to deliver bittorrent references(metafile)(that point to remote content), and or public-domain content. We do not knowingly harbour illegal content. We will hinder or remove illegal content by request based in instructions below.

Note that:

  • The Conspiracy Hub promotes and stimulates free information exchange between people, without limitations of country, age, gender, religion, etc.

  • The Conspiracy Hub defends the rights of consumers, artists, software developers, and greater public.

  • The Conspiracy Hub does not allow unlawful activities on this website.

  • The Conspiracy Hub does not have human and technological means needed to monitor data traffic directly or indirectly.

  • The Conspiracy Hub attempts to hinder offensive behaviour toward others. Other words don't attack a person for living, question conduct, therefore your content will avoid questioning.

Service is totally free when possible, and anonymous. In fact:

  • You are not required to submit any confidential data like name, surname, address, or phone numbers.

  • You're not required to pay legal-tender to use the Service.

  • The Conspiracy Hub does not directly earn legal-tender when a User submits or downloads content.

  • The Conspiracy Hub promotes Users to purchase any referenced content from the content creator or help to do the bidding of a public-domain content owner.

Service is subject to the application of all normative of information transmission and publication. Particularly, the User agrees that:

  • It is strictly prohibited to use the Service in order to exchange explicit nudity or other sordid material.

  • It is strictly prohibited to use the Service in order to exchange copyrighted material without a relative-arrangement.

  • It is strictly prohibited to use the Service for fake-sharing activities (sharing corrupt or empty files).


  • Since it's impossible to check the type of content referenced by bittorrent-metafiles before complete download.

  • Since it's impossible to determine whether copyrighted content can be freely distributed over internet or not.

  • Since it's impossible to constantly monitor content availability.

  • Since that The Conspiracy Hub does not host or hold any torrent derived content.

...The Conspiracy Hub declines any responsibility regarding torrent referenced content or other media.

The User accepts that:

  • Content referenced to, should be at a lower quality or missing parts, compared to if one purchased the original item or some abstraction. This is a safe-guard on damage to business interest if content is mistakenly referenced.

The Conspiracy Hub offers intellectual property owners to address infringements when acceptable circumstance are meet.

The Intellectual Property Owner:

  • Accepts the term 'lockdown' is defined as removal or limiting access.

  • Is required to become a member of The Conspiracy Hub to negotiate requests.

  • Is required to request a lockdown action on infringing items.

  • Is required to sponsor "The Conspiracy Hub" Moderators to go beyond their normal work, if an owner of content wants references or media, locked down.

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